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SMS(Short Message Service)
Advanced Programming InterfaceAPI/SMPP
Personal SMS content delivery via Excel SMS
Email to SMS
Mobile to Mobile(M2M)
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Virtual Mobile Number(VMN)
Number Lookup
Tailor-Made 2Way Interactive SMS App
Location Based SMS(LBS)
Location Based SMS(LBS)
Main Criteria but not limited:
  • Group SMS/MMS to the specific location as per client request.
  • Location can be selected to area / street / building name ( such as Central IFC ).
  • Target mobile model ( such as IPhone or smartphone).
  • Two way replied SMS function
  • Custom Made Sender ID Function.
  • Support Interactive SMS game ( Such as lucky draw, election etc).
  • Support Two way replied text message with unlimited receive text.
Regional SMS fees details
(Included Data)
(Per SMS)
Based SMS
(Location Based SMS)*
Select Criteria
( HKD 0.2 per one)
10,000-29,999 call the query call the query 1.Age
3.Billing area for the cell phone user
4.Billing amount for the cell phone user
5.Smart Phone User
6.Frequency travel user
30,000-49,999 10%OFF
50,000+ 20%OFF
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