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SMS(Short Message Service)
Advanced Programming InterfaceAPI/SMPP
Personal SMS content delivery via Excel SMS
Email to SMS
Mobile to Mobile(M2M)
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Virtual Mobile Number(VMN)
Number Lookup
Tailor-Made 2Way Interactive SMS App
Location Based SMS(LBS)
A. SMS ( Short Message Service)
  • *China Prices——HKD 0.29/SMS
  • *Macau Prices——HKD 0.29/SMS
  • *Taiwan Prices——HKD 0.39/SMS
  • *Singapore Prices——HKD 0.39/SMS
  • *Overseas Prices——HKD 0.50/SMS

  • Min. Prepayment HKD 100
  • Custom Sender ID Supported*1
  • ReliabilityHigh
  • Long SMSSupported (1,999 Chars)*2
  • Personalize message Supported (SMS Marge)
  • Payment MethodsBank Thansfer, Credit Card / Paypal (NO service charge)
  • *1:Extra charge required & some countries such as China not support Sender ID function
  • *2:English SMS: 0-160 Chars Charge as 1 SMS; 161-306 Chars Charge as 2 SMS; subsequent every 153 chars - 1 extra SMS Unicode SMS: 0-70 Chars Charge as 1 SMS; 71-134 Chars Charge as 2 SMS; subsequent every 67 chars - 1 extra SMS
  • *3:Deposit or prepayment is non-refundable for messaging services. The amount will be used for payment settlement without expiry unit it used up.
B. Hong Kong / China / Macau MMS Pay As You Go Package
Each SMS Two thousand SMS Five thousand SMS One hundred thousand
Each Each Each Each
HKD 2.0 HKD 1.5 HKD 1.2 HKD 1.0
C. Location Base SMS (LBS)
(Included Data)
(Per SMS)
(Per SMS)
Select Criteria
( HKD 0.2 per one)
Can be
Can be negotiated 1.Age
3.Mobile phone users in residential area
4.The monthly amount of mobile phone users
5.Smart phone users
6.Frequent business trip
30,000-49,999 10%OFF
50,000+ 20%OFF

*The price will depend on the selected filter condition varies, please contact us for details(Tel:2300 1308 Email:cs@hksmspro.com)
Roaming in the SMS service

1.Entry roaming welcome message

2.Roaming welcome message + entry site

Can be negotiated