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Personal SMS content delivery via Excel SMS
ExcelSMS is a service that allows client to upload large amount of numbers through Excel management and blast it out in the same time efficiently. Furthermore, ExcelSMS is able to enhance the quality of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) without any cost distributed to the system development or staffs training. User can simply upload the data into the SMS platform, for instance: contact list, Billing amount, birthdays, appointment day as well as location. The system can automatically send out the SMS regarding billing reminder, appointment reminder as well as birthday greetings according to clients requirement.
Criteria Functions but not limit:
  • (1)Web Based SMS trail account can be created anytime, anywhere, anybody.
  • (2)Custom Made SMS Template and SMS Merge template is allowed on the platform.
  • (3)Simply sign up procedure for the trail account, customer only enter the cell phone number and the services is activate after the registration.
  • (4)SMS can be sent out individually or send it by different group name.